What We Do

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witnessing to the good news of the Gospel by seeking to enhance the spiritual, physical, economic and societal conditions in Uganda, as well as increase faith-in-action in our communities.

ACT currently has six main programs:


Agriculture known as the HANDS program
(Helping Agricultural New Developments
and Sustainability).


A handcraft program known as the MEP program
(Muko Empowerment Program).


A health program known as the HEAL program
(Health is Elemental to All Life).


The orphan sponsorship program known as Muko HOPE (Helping Orphans Prosper and Endure).

Muko High School

Muko High School



A program known as MUSIC
(MUko Stringed Instruments for Children).

A program known as TEACH (Targeted Educational Advancement for Children)

In addition, we have several projects going at all times.

Ikamiro Health Clinic - Contributions to ACT provided funding for a new medical clinic that included solar roof panels and a solar-powered, vaccine refrigerator and running water. In order to upgrade the level of the health clinic, we built a placenta pit.

Maverick Leadership Scholarship - The purpose of the Maverick Scholarship is to cultivate leadership in Uganda by supporting educational opportunities of promising young people in Muko Sub-County. Students chosen for this scholarship demonstrate initiative, problem solving skills, a sense of commitment of their community, resourcefulness, leadership, and charisma.

ACT Empowerment Center – In 2011, ACT purchased the current office building and land. Since then, we have completed extensive renovations including building a training space for the handcraft program (MEP) and solar power.


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