You can donate by check made payable to:

           ACT Uganda
           P.O. Box 2565
           Midland, MI48641

 OR by clicking on the Donate button.






Your DONATIONS help:



  • repair used garden tools

  • purchase new garden tools

  • purchase seeds and seedlings


  • repair donated used instruments and bows

  • purchase recorders and music books for orphans

  • purchase ensemble music

  • pay Ugandan music teacher

Medical Clinic:

  • surgical instrument sterilizers

  • rolling medical cart

  • bedding

  • medical supplies


  • purchase books for Muko Empowerment Center Library


  • The Maverick Scholarship extends educational opportunities for promising Muko Sub-County young people who demonstrate the qualities of leadership, initiative, vision, resourcefulness, problem solving skills, and commitment. The hope is that, once educated, these young men and women will provide leadership and organizational skills to affect changes in their community. Because every student is unique and has special gifts, applicants may choose to attend a particular trade school or university.


  • Muko High School: As of December 15, 2017, ACT Uganda became the official administrator of Muko High School! The new Archdeacon in Muko is very supportive of our efforts. New staff have been hired: an excellent Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher, a competent Bursar, and a well-respected Director of Studies. Generous and Alexander (Guma) have well-defined roles. Plans for the school included both physical renovations and academic innovation. Many physical repairs are needed, including a few on-going concerns. Academic innovations will, hopefully, include supplying books for one subject area crossing every level from S1 through S6. (If this doesn’t sound “innovative” to you, consider that in the past, teachers at Muko High School have not been allowed/encouraged to use books in the classroom at all and have presented their lessons as lectures from memory. Students currently learn by rote.) The new term has begun, and everyone is totally excited!



  • shipping costs and packaging supplies between Michigan and Muko, Uganda

Mission Expenses

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