Invitation to Prayer

The importance of prayer is letting go of being in control and
believing in the enfolding, nurturing, transforming Love of God.

Support through Prayer

You can help support ACT Uganda through prayer. Prayer is a great essential for not only the people of ACT Uganda but for the services that are provided to help sustain life in the way of Christ. Listed are concerns that your support in prayer would be much appreciated:

  • ACT Uganda currently ministers to 129 orphans; prayer is also needed for additional sponsorship.
  • Prayer for the ministry of music, including the teacher and the students that they will use the instruments well and continue to study and read the music being taught.
  • Prayer for all members of ACT Uganda, to know when to advise and when to listen.
  • Prayer for discernment in understanding and having respect in cultural differences.
  • Prayer for the safety & health of all God’s people.
  • Prayer for safe travel, good relationships and teamwork, learning experiences, and a totally successful trip for the US team traveling to Uganda (Sept 7-22).