The following are opportunities for individuals to get involved:


* Join a Travel Team to Uganda (approximately 3 weeks travel; approximately $2,500-$3000/person)

Contact Sue Waechter at waechtersue@gmail.com

* Work in our Uniquely Uganda Midland store (3-hour shifts; once a week or twice a month; Monday - Saturday).

Contact Anne House at houseshome@aol.com

* Work shifts at local art fairs selling our handcrafts.

Contact Margie Phillips at margie001@mac.com

* Sew place mats, bags, etc. with African fabric to sell at the Uniquely Uganda store and art fairs.

Contact Diana Stubig at dmstubig@gmail.com

* Sponsor an orphan ($40/month)

Contact Karen Viele at Ksmov3@gmail.com

* Join ACT's Circle of Blessings and help choose project(s) to fund ($100/year minimum; 2 meetings/year).

Contact Candy Rogers at candacebethrogers@gmail.com

* Assist with Muko Stringed Instruments for Children (MUSIC) program, teaching Muko Sub-County children not only music, but discipline and practice to achieve new skills.

Contact Karen Viele at Ksmov3@gmail.com

* Join an ACT team:

     Helping Orphans Prosper and Endure (HOPE) Team meets monthly to manage the orphan sponsorship program, recruitment of sponsore, Life Pathways program, Maverick Scholarship, and other concerns. Contact Karen Viele at Ksmov3@gmail.com

     Helping Agricultural New Development and Sustainability (HANDS) Team meets monthly to manage the agriculture program in conjunction with the HANDS Team in Muko Sub County, promoting and supporting education and the advancement of successful and sustainable agricultural projects. Contact John Waechter at j_waechter@chartermi.net.

     Communications & Resource Development (C&RD) Team meets monthly to provide clear, accessible, and current communication through social media and email, write grants, and oversee fundraising activities such as ACT's Circle of Blessings. Contact Diane Busch at buschdm@gmail.com.

     The Spiritual Development Team ensures regular prayer support for ACT, its staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries, as well as seeking ways to promote the ecumenical strength of the ministry both in the US and Uganda. Contact Nancy Silvey at nasilvey@yahoo.com.

     Health is Elemental to All Life (HEAL) Team provides resources and expertise to help village facilitators set priorities and carry out health and social action plans. Contact Lisa Corso at liscorso@juno.com.

     Facilities Team meets as needed to assess and manage the needs for equipment and buildings, and guide the acquisition and maintenance of ACT's capital assets. Contact Bill Busch at wfbusch@gmail.com.

     Finance Team meets periodically to work to provide regular oversight of ACT's financial reports and budget. Contact Dave Viele at viele.david@yahoo.com.