The Muko Empowerment Program (MEP)


Muko is a poor, rural region of southwest Uganda where jobs are scarce and incomes for individuals and families are typically less than $1 per day. The residents of Muko Subcounty are subsistence farmers and there is little opportunity to earn money in this rural area.

One of the primary programs of ACT is the Muko Empowerment Program (MEP). This program is designed to provide opportunities for income and employment to the women of Muko through handcraft training. Approximately 25 women and several men of Muko are involved in the MEP program making beautiful baskets and jewelry from local resources. The crafts are purchased and sold by ACT with all sales returning to fund programs for the Muko community, including handcraft training.


making basket.jpg

Beautiful hand-woven baskets that come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and patterns are available for sale. In addition to finding them useful, you’ll see they are also a work of art.




Another item available through ACT is jewelry made by the women of Uganda. The jewelry is made with beautiful beads produced from magazines and other paper goods. These beads are made by cutting the paper into strips and rolling tightly. They are then dyed and lacquered to make gorgeous necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Sewn crafts.jpg


African fabrics are known for their wonderful patterns and colors. ACT purchases fabrics from the Ugandan markets and volunteers in the U.S. use these fabrics to produce placemats, table runners, handbags and a variety of other products.

All of these beautiful, hand-crafted items are available at church alternative gift fairs, several Michigan art fairs,
and a store front in Midland, Michigan. 


The store on S. SAGINAW ROAD will be closed as of February 1, 2018.

We are moving to a NEW LOCATION:

509 S Homer Road, Midland MI

Opening March 1, 2018

Hours by appointment: (989) 698-6581

(Quarterly Shopping Open Houses will be announced at a later date.)




For information on upcoming art/handcraft fairs please see our PURCHASE A HANDCRAFT page.