Health Promotion

HEAL Program (Health is Elemental to All Life)



A new ACT program in 2016, HEAL (Health is Elemental to All Life), provides a comprehensive self-sustainable pathway toward improved individual and village living conditions in Muko. HEAL is based on a successful health promotion program conducted for many years in Chile (Educacion Popular En Salud - EPES).  Through the HEAL program ACT recruits village health promotion facilitators; trains them in facilitation skills to conduct a dialogue with their fellow villagers; and provides ongoing support, encouragement and resources for the villager’s action plans.

The health care needs can include health-specific issues such as malaria, alcoholism, or mental illness, or more social/behavioral-related issues such as spousal or child abuse, or teen pregnancy. By deploying the Village Health Promoters, not only is the community be provided with a visible action towards empowering their health, they are the key drivers of this improvement.  Working with the village health promotion teams, ACT provides the training, facilitation and support for each village.