Supporting Organizations

Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Midland, Michigan

Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, Midland, Michigan

First Presbyterian Church, Crosswell, Michigan

First and Second Presbyterian Churches, Marlette, Michigan

First Presbyterian Church, Holt, Michigan

Homer United Methodist Church, Midland, MI

Ikamiro Church of Uganda (Anglican)

Kiwassee Kiwanis, Midland, MI

Lake Huron Presbytery, PCUSA

LaPorte United Methodist Church, LaPorte, Michigan

Memorial Presbyterian Church, Midland, Michigan

Muko Assemblies of God (Pentecostal Church), Uganda

Muko Church of Uganda (Anglican)

Our Lady of Grace Parish, St. Agnes Site, Sanford, Michigan

Presbyterian Church of Traverse City, Michigan

Rotary Club, Bay City, MI

Rotary Clubs, Midland (both morning and noon)

St. Francis Catholic Church, Traverse City

St. John's Episcopal Church, Midland, Michigan

Trinity Lutheran Church, Midland, Michigan

Ugandan Martyrs Church, Muko Parish (Catholic)

United Church of Christ, Midland, Michigan