Visit to Kishaki Catholic Church, September 18, 2016

Following posted by Dave Molzahn with Larry Schroeder

Dave M. and Larry, accompanied by Victor, Tito, Moses, Generous and Andrew, visited the Kishaki Sub Parish Catholic Church. The lay leader greeted us as we arrived at the mountain top church, which is off the main road on 5 km of rough dirt tracks. After receiving a beverage in the rectory, we were ushered into the church to the rhythm of drums and singing voices. The large cross-shaped church was filled with over 600 worshippers. It was recently built to replace a too-small building, and had cement floors and high ceilings, glass in the windows, battery powered speaker system, and dancing children.

Songs of praise and celebration were frequent. The lay leader’s message to the people was that everything comes from God, not by chance. As such, everyone should be willing to share their gifts. Communion was efficiently served given the number in attendance, offerings were given, then the guests were formally introduced. Tito and Generous spoke about ACT, and our orphans who worship at the church were assembled in front along with their guardians. 

After the service we walked about a mile back down the dirt road with the parishioners, eventually arriving at the house of the orphan volunteer coordinator for the parish. The guardians had chipped in together to provide a nice lunch for us, including chicken, rice, potatoes, beans, and a soup/broth to pour over the rice and potatoes. They also gave us two baskets of potatoes and a pitcher of locally gathered honey.  Thanks were offered all around, and we returned to the center.

Below: Kishaki Church exterior, interior, and ACT orphans and guardians.

Larry Schroeder