September 22, Kampala and Travel

Generous graciously invited us to her home this morning, where she treated us to "Second Breakfast" -- samosas, tea, and juice. We visited with her family -- Richard even came home from work for a few minutes to say hello (and goodbye).

Dave and Generous went to the bank to exchange our excess shillings for dollars; then they spent some time working on accounting issues.

The rest of us went to the Kampala Crafts market. On the way, we passed the Parliament and other government buildings. The craft market is big, colorful, and a little on the touristy side, but it was great fun and they have very good prices. Almost everyone spoke enough English so we could manage without interpreters. They called out from their stores, "Hello, friend! Come and see me! I have everything for you!" Besides "Friend," I was addressed as "Sister" more than once. And in one section of the market, Larry and I were consistently called "Papa" and "Mama."  (Couldn't be the gray hair, must be how tired we look by now...) Some of the salespeople were extremely persistent (I'm trying to be polite here...) but some were very good -- once Sheryl started looking at children's dresses, the saleswoman asked how old the child is and what's her favorite color, and promptly brought out the perfect dress. Sue was able to buy several more baskets in sizes the MEP women hadn't made. She also picked up some stuffed animals, some more earrings and some angel ornaments for Christmas. (Hint: there aren't many angel ornaments, so if you want one, visit the store early!)

Back at the hotel, we had lunch and then packed the extra baskets, etc. in the remaining duffel bags for transport. The day is one of the warmest we've had yet. By 3:00 pm we were hearing growling thunder and the wind was picking up.

We will be leaving for the airport soon. If anything interesting happens (we sincerely hope nothing does), I'll try to keep you updated. Otherwise, we'll be traveling...

Twabakunda! Webere munonga!  We have loved you, and have loved spending time with you! Thank you very much!

Below:  Craft market; jacaranda tree.

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