Larry and Ellie arrived in Entebbe with no problems.  We've gone through immigration (complete with a detailed form to fill out and their taking our pictures and fingerprints) and customs, where they chose two seemingly random bags to scan, then sent us on. We're now sitting, with piles of luggage, awaiting the arrival of the rest of the team. A friendly taxi driver, who could hardly believe we really want to sit here and wait, rather than let him take us to our hotel, nevertheless set me up with wifi. He also gave me his card, in case we come to our senses and decide we need his services.

Larry decided to wander a bit, but his attempt to take some pictures immediately drew negative official attention. As it's a very small airport and we're the only white people here and therefore just a bit noticeable, he wasn't surprised by the response. He secured permission to photograph the team as they emerge through customs, but that's all. We would've honored the regulations in any case, but given that the official who is keeping an eye on us is quite conspicuously armed, we're very carefully being very circumspect.

It's quite warm -- maybe around 80 -- and humid, but I don't have any other observations yet. I expect that when the team arrives (shortly, I hope!) things will be a bit chaotic, so I will post more tomorrow.

Ellie SchroederComment