First Day in the Village...

We met at 8 am for breakfast while we waited for Christopher to pick us up and finally make our first visit to Muko!  This is the day we all wait for we begin our travel to Uganda.  Four out of 6 members of our team have never met our Ugandan ACT staff. The travel on Christopher’s bus was about 45 minutes, going up a mountain on winding roads.  The view is incredible as you see the terraced hills that are beautifully farmed by the village people.  You will also see many people walking along the roads, carrying water in large plastic containers, baskets on heads with produce and animals walking freely.

When we arrived at the Muko Empowerment Center, we were greeted by musicians playing on their violins and cellos.  The staff was ready and waiting for us as well.  It was an amazing and tearful experience.  The village was so happy to see us.

We spent the afternoon going over the agenda for the week, Tim, Dick and Vanessa then walked the Muko market to look for fabric for vests.  Meanwhile, Josiah, Diana, Suzanne were driven by Christopher to make a home visit to see Precious Arinda (Diana’s sponsored child).  That experience is indescribable.  The whole family waits outside for you in anticipation, then lead into their home.  We visited for one hour, took pictures, shared pictures and left with a promise to see everyone in church tomorrow. 

Dinner was at 7 pm and it is always an experience with all of the new experiences with Ugandan food.  It is 9 pm (we are 8 hours ahead of Michigan) and people are either calling home or retiring to their room. 

Stay tuned for our training information  beginning tomorrow!

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