What would you attempt, if you knew you would not fail?”

“What would you attempt, if you knew you would not fail?”

January 10, 2017:  What a day!  Our mission began on Tuesday, January 10th (1p.m.) as we all gathered to load our suitcases at the Uniquely Uganda store!  Of course, it was blustery and snowing!  We were blessed to have Katie Brinklow chauffeur us down to the Detroit Metro Airport amidst rain, snow and high winds!  Katie is the Youth Coordinator for Memorial Presbyterian Church and a former Muko Team member. Thanks a million Katie!

Our journey started in an airplane from Detroit Metro Airport scheduled to depart about 6:11p.m.    We were not surprised when we were delayed about one hour.  The plane was packed!  The seven hour flight to Amsterdam and then eight hours to Entebbe was followed by our 45 minute drive to Kampala check out the pictures of the beautiful Adonai House where we stayed for two nights.  With the unloading of our suitcases and unpacking---we were able to get to sleep about 2 a.m.!

January 12 2017:    After just a few hours of sleep, we all meet for breakfast at Adonai House---pancakes, eggs, fresh fruit, and coffee.  Chef Francis made a delicious breakfast and we enjoyed every last morselJ!  Our task for the morning was to exchange money, and bring donated cell phones to be unlocked.  In the afternoon, we spent several hours in the Fabric District as we were crammed in a small space  (7x10) lined with women at sewing machines and fabric.  The aisle was just wide enough for one person and there were 15 people in there!  It felt like 100 degrees as seven sellers yelled for our attention, calling us “Mama”, “Mama” while showing us their fabric--gorgeous African material.  The funniest thing is that I don’t sew BUT I will be looking for someone who does when I return!

Following this outing, it was time to head to the Kampala Rotary meeting at the Grand Imperial Hotel.  Dick and Tim shared our mission here and introduced the Vocational Training Team.  Dick described the critical training that we will be providing on leadership, early childhood education, child abuse and neglect, community building and so much more!  At the end of the presentation, Dick and Tim exchanged their Rotary Club banner with the President of the Kampala Rotary!   Next, we met with the Port Bell Rotary to discuss their projects and give them more details about our training.  Before we ended, Dick and Tim exchanged the Midland’s Noon Rotary banner with the Port Bell leadership.  When we arrived back at the Adonai House, we enjoyed dinner by Chef Francis and delicious chocolate cake with Generous’ family to celebrate Josiah’s 10th birthday!

January 13, 2017:  Waking up to the beautiful noise of mocking birds and a delicious breakfast was the perfect way to begin this day!  Immediately after breakfast, we began to load our suitcases (12, 50lb) bags to the van as today we head to Kabale.    The trip to Kabale from Kampala was about seven hours!  However, we first stopped at an amazing market – the big Kampala Market where the locals make purchases (only open on Fridays) where Sue W and Generous would shop for dozens of items to use in the village and Vanessa, Diana and I enjoyed shopping for beautiful wares.  We were blessed to have Dick and Tim along as they were kind enough to carry ALL of the goodies that were purchased!  With our tight schedule and desire to arrive in Kabale before dark, we only had one hour to shop in this huge marketplace!

We headed to Kabale about 10:30am and with just two stops to stretch and get some cold drinks, we arrived at our home for the next 10 days—the Jopfan Country Hotel (check out the picture below).  We each were given a double room with a television, our own bathroom/toilet and hot water in the shower!  The team enjoyed some wine as we sat on the hotel’s porch with a view!   Next, we had delicious meals such as Chicken Curry, Egg Curry, Spaghetti Bolognese, Pork Chop and Grilled Chicken.  Our evening together concluded with reorganizing our luggage so that we have ALL of the items for our children, choir robes, music stands, violins and viola!

PS We cannot seem to get our photos to load! We'll keep trying...

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