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Computer Training was the beginning of our day today. Diana Stubig spent several hours sharing information about organizing computer files, accessing the Internet and Google Drive where we can share documents with each other. There were about 20 people who continued to file in as Sue, Jorryn and Vanessa kept visiting the copy machine to make more and more handouts. Most of the people from the village have never sat at a computer before. They sat in the secondary seats behind our staff who were at their own laptops learning. We discussed the possibility of opening a computer lab for the community.


After lunch (of power bars, peanut butter and crackers), we started Suzanne’s session on Child Development and Child Abuse & Neglect. Again people filed in for the first hour for a total of 27. It was a very passionate session discussing how children develop and what to expect of their ages and then moving into the abuse and neglect portions. This was a very animated portion as people were uncomfortable with the topic but we learned a lot from each other. We discussed corporal punishment and that ACT’s position is that our orphans should not be disciplined in this way – a new concept for many! We encouraged them to try different ways to discipline the children such as time-outs.


At the end of our training sessions we are presenting the participants with certificates that is a very important thing for them. They want their photos taken when they receive the certificate and Generous suggested they laminate them.


Tim took advantage of the opportunity to return to Daniel’s land which ACT rents for crops to observe the new water pump that ACT purchased to water the crops.

This evening, we attended our third Rotary meeting at the Rotary Club of Kabale held at the White Horse Inn.  It was a great opportunity to share with more Rotarians about the VTT (Vocational Training Team).  Dick and Tim introduced the VTT and the ACT Uganda Team.  Finally, they exchanged the flags…Dick and Tim presented the Acting President with the Midland Noon Rotary Club’s flag.  Then, the entire group proceeded to the dining room for a dinner that included everything from Chicken Curry to Muchomo (pork pieces with vegetables)!

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