Training, Training, Training...Shopping

Today was a fabulous day filled with learning and organizing!  We started with Sue teaching Leadership Skills through her “Living the Leader Role” curriculum and it was well attend with 27 people with staff and Muko Sub County teachers and leaders.  While Sue was teaching, Vanessa, Diana, Suzanne and Jorrin (Generous’ daughter) sorted the nearly 600 dresses and then Vanessa and Jorrin put them all in bags to prepare them for distribution to the churches!  Then, the churches will distribute them to the families in need!

During the final hour of Sue’s training, Diana sorted baskets according to Ginny’s inventory.  She also worked on cutting patterns for our new stuffed animals (hippos, small elephants, zebras and rhinos).  As Vanessa completed the bagging of ALL of the dresses and short sets for our children, Dick and Suzanne left with Father John from Muko Martyrs (the church that is generously supported by Blessed Sacrament) to visit the Uganda Martyrs Clinic (medical), Muko Martyrs school and church.  It was heartwarming to view all of the buildings, playground equipment, and multiple facilities that Midland’s Blessed Sacrament has made!  We saw that for only $6,000, the parish would have a new roof for the new rectory as well as finishing all of the walls and interior!

In the afternoon, Sue continued her day full of training.  She led a full room of staff and community leaders through her project management training, “Leading Successful Projects”.   Over 27 people learned how to plan and execute their own project as well as the planning history for ACT and its programs!  With 8 hours of training, Sue inspired and educated those present!

After 10 hours at AEC, we headed to several stores in Kabale.  Our team needed to pick up toner for the MEC printer, and fabric for the handcraft program.  We actually had a pleasant experience in the Kabale market purchasing fabric---36 yards to be used for sales in the Uniquely Uganda store!   Our team has truly bonded as a true group of professionals with a common vision and we have truly made a difference already!

PS Sue is going to bed - exhausted! I have waited 1.5 hours for the three photos to upload and cannot wait any longer. I will try tomorrow morning to upload the photos. Goodnight!

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