A Day of Travel

Good evening to all followers of our blog!  This is Saturday, January 21 and the 6 of us just had a delicious dinner buffet. It consisted of Fish, Chicken, fresh vegetables, Irish potatoes, rice and pasta.  The women are sitting outside on the veranda (where we ate) while I type out this blog. The rest of the women are reading news on their cell phones and the 2 men are calling home. Now Dick, Vanessa, Suzanne and Sue are beginning to play Farkle! 

Our day started with the final packing and poor Christopher (our driver) having to load extremely heavy suitcases on the top of our bus.  We said our goodbyes to the Jopfan Hotel and Christopher drove us 10 hours to Kampala for the last leg of our trip.  All of us stopped at the Equator (which was counted in our 10 hrs) to do a little shopping and have lunch.  It had rained in Kampala before we arrived since we saw puddles.

It is currently 77 degrees at 7 pm and humid.  Most of us are tired from the travel and I don't think it will be a late night. To our dismay, there will be no shopping Sunday, which will be our day of rest.

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