On the road again....

The day began, as most do not, with an air of charged energy.  The serenity was still there but overlaid with a veneer of anxiety mixed with excitement.  We were preparing to return to America.  This meant packing and repacking to fit the handicrafts necessary for ACT’s retail outlets in luggage and under the weight requirement for KLM.  We ended up leaving many baskets behind for the next team to bring.

One reason we struggled was that we had to buy just a few more special items for the shops.  We did what we needed to do and so we packed again.  At last, we were on the road to Entebbe, dinner, and our flights home.

I am sure if each of us had to describe this experience in a few words, there would be superlatives charged with emotions.  Now that we are back, it is a good time for you to ask.

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