New Journey!!

This morning at 6:30am, Karen and Dave Viele left for Uganda. Their mission? In partnership with the Diocese of Kigezi and the new Board of Governors of Muko HIgh School, hire the Head Teacher (Principal), the Bursar (Bookkeeper) and the DOS (Director of Studies like our Curriculum folks in the US). In addition, they will be taking the new Board of Governors through a board training to help them start with good tools. This Sunday, they will worship at the same church as the Bishop and then meet with he and his staff to talk more about the school and to witness the official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding ("contract") between ACT Uganda and the Diocese. Starting in February, ACT will become the new administrators of Muko High School. This is a huge step for ACT and we would love prayers for the transition.

As usual, Karen and Dave went loaded with luggage. This time they have 6 violins, one violin and one viola that were repaired, some hymnals donated by the Presbyterian Church, some MEP things and sewing things for the women, music books, crepe paper and balloons to celebrate Francis' graduation from University! He is our first orphan to graduate from University. 

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Dave and all the luggage!
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