Arrived safely!

We are up and refreshed, both feeling good. 
Our trip from Rwanda was not as fast as we had hoped. First a parking issue at the airport that took nearly an hour to settle. Then we got lost because our guide fell asleep in the back seat and we found ourselves on a dirt path and had to turn around. At the border there  was a dispute between Christopher and this young guide he had apparently hired to find the way. The border was not what we expected,but not bad. We had to get out of the van two times with our passports, once on Rwandan side and once in Ugandan side. There were fairly long lines with maybe fifty people each time. Total travel for us this time was 35 hours from home to Jopfan. The advantage was two days, not three to get here. It was lightly raining and it is very fresh and green here. We went to bed at 2 am here, but of course earlier in USA. We had five hours of sleep on Thursday and Saturday nights and about three hours on the plane so we will go to bed early tonight! Generous had a long Day too, all the way from Kampala- they arrived in Kabale by 12:30, leaving from Kampala at 6:00 am. They dropped off the Bibles before coming to Rwanda. 
Generous and Christopher are coming at 9:30 to take us to the Bishops church at a 10:30  service. 
Generous says we have 69 Head teacher applicants so this afternoon we are coming back to sort through and eliminate the ones we can!! The Bishop is hosting us for dinner but we don’t know where yet! 
So that is the news for now. 
Thinking of you all! Love Karen

Ellie Schroeder