A report on the Muko High School Facility

We went up to MHS today and had a good meeting with non-teaching staff.  We discussed what would make their job better, and improve the quality of the school.  It was interesting that they discussed mainly small things, like new pots for cooking, hand tools, spoons for eating with, cups, cleaning supplies,  mainly little things.  Karen and I did a tour of the place, and as we know there is a great need, but small things like identified would do a lot for staff morale. 


We toured the staff housing, when we hear about the floods in the housing, in actuality the building were destroyed, literally knocked off their foundations and flattened.    So staff had to move.  We toured a room measuring 7x9 housing 4 persons, two to a bed. 


On the bright side there is a lot of area for planting gardens, using HANDS and the agriculture classes to raise foods, to use in student feeding.  


Karen and I are meeting with Kambaza Gerald  (the selected Head Master) tomorrow to begin our discussions, we were given permission by the BoG to do this while the Bishop contacts the Chairman about Geralds resignation from his government position.  


It has become very clear that this school has been run very poorly for the last three Head Masters, and allowed to go down hill.  We will have much to discuss when we return, and will keep emailing you while we are here. 

Ellie Schroeder