Exciting News!!!

As of December 15, 2017, ACT Uganda will be the official administrator of Muko High School! This development has been a long time coming and many people, both in Michigan and Uganda, spent untold hours considering the issues from every angle and working out the details. The result is  a Memorandum of Understanding to which all parties have enthusiastically agreed. The new Archdeacon in Muko is very supportive of our efforts.  New staff have been hired: an excellent Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher, a competent Bursar, and a well-respected Director of Studies. Generous and Alexander (Guma) have well-defined roles. We will also have an American Intern, Evan Martin, on site beginning in January.

Plans for the school include both physical renovations and academic innovation. Many physical repairs are needed, from repairing floors, roof leaks, and water tanks to supplying new beds — and recycling broken beds and furniture in the construction of a boardwalk over the mud.

Academic innovations will, hopefully, include supplying books for one subject area crossing every level from S1 through S6. (If this doesn’t sound “innovative” to you, consider that in the past, teachers at Muko High School have not been allowed/encouraged to use books in the classroom at all and have presented their lessons as lectures from memory. Students currently learn by rote.)

The new term begins in February. We can hardly wait!

Top row: Muko High Administration Building, Classroom;  Bottom row: Muko High Library, Boys' Dorm & Water Tank

Ellie Schroeder