Sunday Dec. 3 The first Sunday of Advent! 

Dave and I took the day off today- which was a wise move. We both needed some time to rest and think about all we have worked through and what we must do tomorrow before returning home. 

Dave worked on updating the needs for Muko High school and streamlining Quickbooks for our Bursar’s use. One day of Grace’s training was lost while we were here because the MUSIC students who were staying overnight at the Centre watched TV which used up a lot of solar power! (we were glad they could enjoy that activity) Plus, it has been rainy so the power takes longer to accumulate. Top that off with Dave’s effort to make some coffee and the immediate draw of power blew the system out! So Grace’s computer could not be fired up on Saturday. 

We spoke with Sue Waechter on FaceTime to be certain we are finishing everything she had in mind. One more day to wrap up our visit!

We took a walk to downtown Kabale which means trekking up and down a very steep hill, not bad going down. We visited a pharmacy and a grocery store and hoped to do a little more shopping but we noticed a rain coming in and decided to begin the trudge up the hill. Sure enough, on the way back it started to rain! Luckily it was a medium rain, not a downpour so we were wet, but not soaked.  We detoured through the golf course to avoid some trees with thousands of fruit bats. You would think they would just be sleeping during the day but they were really pretty active so we both chose an alternate route- I am sure this was completely unnecessary! 

I wanted to share some of Generous’ words for Francis last night. She complimented him on his exemplary behavior that allowed him to become our first graduate. Then she advised him to continue his good behavior in order for him to achieve continued success. She mentioned our wonderful driver, Christopher, who is so uncomplaining. Wherever we want to go, he takes us with not one word of complaint. She said,” When Moses led his  people away from Egypt they began to complain. They complained so much that God let them wander for 40 years. 
Nothing is accomplished when everyone is complaining. Let us move forward without complaint”. I was thinking how true this is- how little is done during the time of complaining. I learned from several of our Ugandan friends on this trip how they are able to move on from disputes without pressing every gripe, even letting  go when it keeps the peace. 

Sending love to you all, both in Uganda and in the USA! Our partners, shoulder to shoulder. Love Karen

Ellie Schroeder