Tuesday, Dec 5th 9am EST

As I write this blog entry, Karen and Dave should be taking off from Kigali airport in Rwanda. They were to leave Kabale this morning with Francis Girakwayo, our recent university graduate, for Kigali, Rwanda so that Francis could visit with his sister. Their flight was to leave at 5pm. 

I have not received a blog to post for them on Monday which is not surprising. They had an incredibly full day planned with lots remaining to accomplish before they left to come back to the US. 

Please keep them in your prayers for a safe and uneventful journey home. They arrive back in Michigan at about 10am Thursday morning. Looking forward to all they have learned!

Sue Waechter

OOPS, I posted this too soon! Karen has sent another blog post:

For the blog-

The MOU is signed! Our Ugandan friends from the Diocese and Act signed the MOU on Monday evening, December 4th. The Bishop hosted us at his beautiful home where we met his lovely wife, Chris. After some tea and obushera ( a special Ugandan drink) we gathered in the dining room and enjoyed an official signing. Generous signed for ACT and the Bishop signed for the Diocese. Three of the Reverends and Dave were witnesses. Everyone is very happy about this partnership, expecting great things to happen. When we return home we will share pictures. 

Our day was spent wrapping up all activities- the training of Grace, our Bursar, on Quickbooks and final MUSIC lessons with Howard and six other young men who stayed behind after the Music camp ended. 

We took another tour of Muko HS making sure the girls dorm has adequate beds. Dave and I feel like the foundation has been laid to build a marvelous school. We will proceed slowly but surely. We welcome your interest and involvement in this exciting project. We met with Generous and Alexander about their evolving roles in ACT as we initiate work at this school. 

I am writing this from the Kigali, Rwanda airport. We find the airport beautiful and well run. There is a coffee shop where Dave ordered me a decaf cappuccino. Heaven! 

We experienced a wonderful day- saying goodbye to our dear friends at the Jopfan Hotel at 8 am. The trip to Rwanda takes about four hours, mostly due to an hour and a half at the border of Uganda and Rwanda and a slow speed limit in Rwanda which Christopher religiously followed. Francis, our sponsored orphan, traveled with us  so he could meet up with his sister. We stopped at the Hilltop Hotel where we hosted a lunch for Francis and his sister, Dafroza, whom he had not seen in about five years. Dafroza’s guardian came as well- I call her Jojo as it is the simplest form of her names! I found Jojo to be delightful. During lunch we named the baby girl she is expecting in January. It is going to be Kenna- after my granddaughter and also my father, Ken. I will never forget this! 

Francis asked us if it would be all right for him to stay behind for a couple of days to enjoy a longer time with his sister. Of course, we agreed. 

Generous, Francis, Dafroza and our wonderful driver, Christopher, said goodbye to us at the doors of the airport entrance at about 3:30 so they could return to Kabale this evening. They should arrive there about 8:30 pm if all goes well. 

So, dear friends and family,  we head for home. Our first flight is in about four hours. See you soon! Love to you all- Karen

Ellie Schroeder