Speed bumpin' our way to Kabale

Yay! We made it to Kabale- traveling about 9 1/2 hours today! The roads have improved since our first trip, however, speed bumps have been added to cause all traffic to slow. Speed bumps are no less than every five to six miles, sometimes even closer, sometimes multiplying in annoying combinations of bumps.

Our morning began by saying goodbye to our Adonai House friends.  Chef Francis prepared sack lunches of chicken and cucumber salad sandwiches (which Dave did not eat!), bananas and bottles of water. Christopher loaded all of the luggage on top of his van and we were off at about 8:30 a.m. After a stop to pick up Generous we motored through traffic to the market. Each team member went on a search for items for MEP like rosaries, horn bracelets, and other items our women do not produce. We were on a mission to accomplish this within an hour and get back on the road to Kabale. 

Leaving about 10:05, we snaked our way through Kampala traffic, arriving at the Equator shortly before noon. Diana was the shopper of the day but everyone was loaded on the van by 12:30 p.m. The women on the van played "Show and Tell" with the gifts they had purchased for family and friends.

 Sometime later we experienced a terrifying moment when a seven? year old girl carrying two large buckets suddenly appeared behind a larger vehicle in the middle of the road. Our expert driver, Christopher, was barely able to swerve and miss her.  Finally, arriving at the Jopfan Hotel at about 6:30 p.m., the staff, Susan, Joshua, and Peace, greeted us with hugs and exclamations of "You are welcome!"

Having ordered a dinner of beef stew, rice, french fries, cabbage and avocado salad the team ate at about 7:30, followed up by a couple of competitive games of Farkel. Dave won both games. We are settled into our "home" and will have much more to report tomorrow as we meet up with our Muko staff!

Sending love to you all!

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