Remembering Lisa

Dave wanted to cook pancakes for our friends in the village but he needed a flat pan and some propane gas for our stove. It wasn't just the pancakes, he wanted to show off the maple syrup he made this year with John Waechter. So, the team arrived late in the village because of searching in Kabale for a few items that were not to be found except for an ex-hubcap that we used as a fry pan!

The good news is, with some coaching from Josiah, a flat pan with no handle and a charcoal fire, Dave was able to produce some pancakes with maple syrup for staff and team! The Ugandans pronounced it very good, very sweet. Moses and Guma were especially interested in the recipe for pancakes. 

Karen, Diana, Josiah, and Maurice went over to Uganda Martyrs to see 26 of the Act orphans. To their surprise, the entire school was gathered together for an assembly in their honor. There was singing, dancing, a dramatic presentation- even all the adults had to dance while the students rated their dancing. Diana apparently won the competition with her bodacious moves! Karen and Diana were moved to tears by a recitation of our ACT orphans praising the American sponsors for all they had done for them. The entire school observed a moment of silence for Lisa Corso followed by a prayer from the Director, Sister Eunice. Lisa was a board member for ACT US and the Team Leader for the HEAL Program. She died this past year and we miss her terribly.

Sue, Dick, and Generous visited Father John and stayed for lunch. It was very moving for them to see the building named for Lisa Corso and for a second time today we thought of our dear friend. Sue presented the Memorial funds for Lisa Corso to Fr. John. 

Sue met with Guma, Dave and Generous to discuss potential projects for Circle of Blessings. They came up with two ideas. Sue typed all of the documents Dick has prepared for the team to consider on Sunday when we plan to thoroughly discuss all aspects of the Muko High School administrative opportunity. Sue worked with Guma, Josiah and Moses to complete the English lyrics for the ACT video. We will have English subtitles for presentations.

Music classes were rough today because the children were in exams and only about half of the students were available. Nevertheless, classes continued and a schedule was set for the weekend. The videographer we hired to film our work attended classes for the first time, documenting our work. He will be with us for three days and will produce a long and short video for our use in the USA. 

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