Arrival in Uganda via Rwanda!

January 28th, 2018

Arrival! 2am Uganda time. We flew into Kigali, Rwanda. We got lost twice and then had to go through the multiple-stop border between Rwanda and Uganda. We arrived in good shape albeit exhausted. Evan’s duffle had been opened and he was missing his rubber boots that he had stashed other items within. So, we are working to replace those items in Kabale town.

Staff Meeting.JPG

We made the choice not to go to church this morning since we were so tired. We left for the village at noon and spent time with all the staff discussing what we had to accomplish while here. Guma had put the list of things to do into a scheduled document. The staff took great delight in giving us Americans grief over being late today! We didn’t know they had expected us at 8:55am. Guma has adopted quite the Muzungu way of scheduling – so precise!

We turned over some of the items that we brought for the staff. Howard got his repaired violin bows and hymn books. Josiah and Moses divided up the donated choir robes for two different churches. We provided Moses with many seeds. I will be going through all the MEP supplies with Prudance when I meet with her.

Mushroom dryer.JPG

Evan, Dave and Sue went to the mushroom house. Dave is going to have the opportunity to begin the preparation process with Moses tomorrow. The mushroom dryer is set up outside and they have been drying mushrooms. Moses said the flavor was even better than the fresh mushrooms.

3 Maverick Scholars.JPG

The three Maverick Leadership Scholars traveled to Muko so that we could see them and get a photo of the three of them. Judith traveled from Kisoro, Benson and Isaac from Kabale. Benson and Judith will be graduating with their degrees next year. Isaac is in his second semester. Three outstanding young people!

Evan and Sue put his “closet” together for his apartment. He got everything settled in and he will move there tomorrow. Evan says he’s happy to be back in a tropical climate, pleased at how warm everyone was and he looks forward to getting to know everyone better.

Intern Apt.JPG
Sue Waechter