Left in the Dark!

Evan’s first night in Muko at the ACT Empowerment Center (AEC) found him without power from our solar power system. Apparently, our batteries are shot! So much for making his first evening stellar. Actually, maybe it was pretty stellar since there was no light. But as in Rome, or in this case Muko, do as the villagers do and go to bed early. This morning we found Evan furiously studying Rukiga (roo chee ga) with Prudance. He will be conversational in no time!

Dave and Andrew (his orphan) stopped at the AEC to pick up copies of handouts of Sue’s training in Time Management. Last January when the Rotary Team came to provide many training classes, the one class we ran out of time for was – wait for it – Time Management! So, to follow through on this, we held the session today for two hours. There were 32 people there at the Muko High School (MHS) in a newly painted classroom including, all MHS teachers, Leadership, ACT staff, and Evan. Guma assisted Sue in demonstrating the proper scheduling of daily priorities. High priority tasks should be scheduled before the less important things in your day. This ensures that high priority tasks are completed, while still leaving room for lower priority items. We used rocks and sand for the demonstration. We also talked to the teachers and staff about our new partnership and all we are looking forward to. She described the TEACH Team (Targeting Educational Advancement for Children) in the US and how this team exists solely to support and provide advice to the MHS staff. Sue shared with them that much of the support for the school comes from organizations like supporting churches and Rotary. The staff are very proud of MHS and happy to be there

Following the training, we came back to the AEC to have lunch – Evan had his first village lunch of matooke, g’nut sauce, rice and meat. He reported that it was all good,

save the Matooke! We then had a meeting with Prudance regarding the Orphan Gift-Buying Program. Dave Molzahn led the discussion and we came up with some changes, but overall, it is a resounding success so far.

Sue helped Prudance understand Google Drive a bit more. Evan and Guma went to Kabale to buy more paint supplies and food for Evan. Josiah joined them in the truck with some additional orphans to deliver to Murole Primary School with their supplies. Sue and Prudance had discussions about the Library that was funded by our Circle of Blessings. We had 12 people visit the Library in the month of December, some to read books, most to spend time learning the computer and some simply using the Internet. Prudance spends time teaching people how to use MicroSoft Word and Excel and charges a small amount for that time.

Through most of this day, Andrew and Howard serenaded us with Silent Night and America on the violins!

Now, our not so silent night is beginning, as the dogs in the nearby housing compounds begin to yelp, cry and howl.

IMG_0102 2.JPG
Sue Waechter