Sharing the Sabbath.

Sunday in Muko begins with drumming from the various mountaintops calling worshippers to church. Each church has their own drum rhythm. In fact, Evan shared that he was awakened by the drums!

Sue, Generous and Evan attended the Pentecostal Church in Muko. The service began at 11:30am. Pastor Jason is on the ACT board. He asked Generous to preach when we arrived. During the service we delivered 12 choirs robes that had been donated by the Presbyterian Church in Grand Haven. We have delivered robes to several local churches and they are so overwhelmed by the quality of the robes - like they have never seen before. They danced and danced and felt "like their situation was elevated" because of receiving these robes.

Dave, Moses and Prudance attended Mukibungo Catholic Church. Again, the robes were so welcomed. The whole service in both churches were in Rukiga with some translation. 

We returned to the ACT Center around 2:30pm. Sue had some opportunity to talk with Maurice and Josiah to learn more about what ACT's Senior 4 students who are still awaiting their results from their exams. Senior 4 is a natural break in High School. Many students stop at Senior 4 and go on to a vocational school. Others go on to Senior 5 (called O Level) and 6 (called A Level) which is really preparatory for University. Only about 1% of students attend University in Uganda. Having a diploma or degree doesn't necessarily help them get a job. The unemployment rate for young people is now at 70%. 

At 4pm, Sue, Generous, Prudance and Grace (the Bursar from Muko High School who is learning how to use Quickbooks) SKYPED with Dave Viele to further work on this process. 

At about 5:30pm Dave and Sue headed back to Kabale with Generous who is staying with her sister tonight and then doing some banking in the morning before we leave for Muko. As we drove away, Evan was on his way to a big soccer tournament in Muko. The organizers, who had upon learned he was in the area and a Certified Soccer Coach, invited him to be the Guest of Honor AND play! We'll report tomorrow about how it was.

Tomorrow will be a big day at Muko High School. Students will report for the new term and there will be an opening day celebration for the new Muko High School - ACT collaboration. We are excited.

We wish all of you a blessed day/night as we begin to retire here in Uganda.

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Ellie Schroeder