MHS Continues to Grow

We're continuing to attract a lot of positive attention.  As more and more students enroll for not only Senior 5 but the other levels as, it's hard not to sense a feeling of positivity on the campus, like birds returning to the Lonely Mountain after the reign of Smaug.  On a recent day at the school I had several teachers as well as Godfrey thank me for all that ACT has done for the school.  This is no irregularity either, it is a common occurrence.  I've also received word that the teachers are enjoying writing their first midterm exams as well, after learning how to use the computer to make it easier on them.  We were able to get into all of the computers now as well, and have reestablished accounts that the Administration can access, Teachers can access, and Students can access so the teachers no longer have to worry about losing their information.  The football team has also attracted some positive attention and have already received two proposed friendlies and a third to be on its way.  Both boys and girls are going to do a fantastic job representing their school and will be a great attraction for future students.

There is still a lot of work to be done of course.  Construction is nearly complete with a few things that will need some extra attention such as drain pipes, trenches, and some attention to fine details in the concrete.  The television has yet to be mounted for the students, but the cage is on its way.  There is a lot of rubble laying around still that would be best cleared.  And the student count is still shy of the 350 mark we would all love to see.  I have complete confidence in the school administration to complete these tasks.

Outside the school all other programs are moving great.  Josiah and Maurice were happy to hear that all the orphans had been adopted and a new group is nearly completed for further consideration.  Prudence and I have begun the logistical planning for a tourist kiosk and have some places we will be traveling soon.  Benson continues to trace Rauban's and is doing a great job following up on past villages to see out the work.  And Moses and Herbert wait in anticipation to see how the next crop of mushrooms are going to come out with a new technique.  Everyone who has attended a training recently has returned to the staff with great energy and full of new ideas.

As for me, I continue to feel pampered by everyone in the ACT organization.  With a new television installed just yesterday I was able to watch my first football match from the comfort of the ACT center, although it turned out to be a boring goal fest for one side.  I've learned how to cook many new dishes, some of which I will still have access to the ingredients back home.  I continue to hear plans of installing a water heater for a shower, which I implore you not to do if it is only for my sake.  The water I have is plenty fine and the money could go to better causes in a great many other places.  Still I am thankful and happy to be thought of and appreciated.

Pam Goddard