1st Day in Uganda (Sent by Karen Viele)

We had a fabulous 1st day. We like the Apricot Hotel. We are trying a different hotel in Kampala recommended by Generous and it is roomy, clean, and comfortable. We had a good breakfast and a hot shower, very welcome after the long flights. 

Generous, Diana, and I went to Kyambogo university and met with the head of the music department and some music students. I had a wonderful time with the students, of course! I have some ideas for partnership with them. They are sending Generous a syllabus of what is required to pass music in high school and that will be very helpful to us. Their violin had no d string but a student played a simple melody on the a and e. I am sending them a string I have at the hotel. I hope to have some other resources to send with the February team. I now understand what would be helpful to the students there. They are hoping some of our music students might attend the university.

After lunch we met with Richard and James from the Peace Corps at the US Embassy. We were sort of connected to the US Embassy but in an adjacent building. Richard was one of the ones who traveled to Muko to prepare for our Peace Corps volunteer. James Ham is the director for the whole country - Peace Corps - and has a lot of experience in the Navy and volunteering all over Africa. He was warm and interested in ACT, very affirming.

Later this afternoon Dave will meet with Fredrick about the solar power estimate for the high school. Afterwards, Generous’s son , Jesse, will give us a demonstration of a high school science project he has worked on at the Senior level ( he is finishing his 9th grade year at present).  I believe it has something to do with electricity and saving power. 

We will be off to Kabale tomorrow ( an all day trip in the van).

Ellie Schroeder