September 12 -- Kabale (Sent by Karen Viele)

We arrived in Kabale today after 81/2 hours of driving. We heard stories that the trip could be made in six hours, however, we think MANY speed bumps have been added, so our progress was slow. But as always, our fabulous driver, Christopher, did a great job of keeping us safe. 

We are preparing for the next days work. Last evening we listened to a really good proposal from Rev Jared, Generous’ pastor who works part time for a company that offers workshops for the parents of schools to train them in working with their children. They work with issues like behavior, self esteem, support of the child, and many others in a three day workshop. Dave estimates the cost of such a workshop might run$1000-1500. The encouraging thing about it is that many parent and guardian issues would be addressed right here. 

Generous’ son, Jesse, demonstrated a computer programming project he is working on which would possibly program a bell to ring between classes at Muko HS and also control lighting. Jesse is doing advanced work at his boarding school at the Senior level, as a ninth grader this year. 

Dave met with Fredrick and cleared up a misunderstanding about the bid we have been waiting for about solar lighting for Muko HS. Dave expects to have the bid by Thursday this week. 

Ellie Schroeder