September 13, Arrival in the Village (Sent by Karen Viele)

Before driving out to the Village we stopped in Kabale for fabric to bring home and also for our village sewers. Diana found some lovely material and both sets of ladies can look forward to sewing on it!

We had a good day of greeting our staff - always wonderful to see them again. We spent the morning reviewing our itinerary, making small additions and changes. After the meeting Guma ordered some food from Doreen ( Doreen’s Hangover Clinic is the name of her little restaurant).

 Karen and Howard headed up to Muko H S to participate in the last day of the MUSIC camp. The MUSIC students are doing well. We worked at some length on a piece called Sonata Vivant.

Dave, Karen, Guma and Generous met for a couple of hours this afternoon, covering many issues to try and settle over the next few days. It promises to be challenging and interesting. 

Roger spent most of the day with our Peace Corps Volunteer, Will. We all liked Will - he is charming and appears willing to be very involved. The HANDS team met and Roger talked over many issues with our team here. He will have much to discuss with HANDS USA including the suggestion to make a red beet wine! Apparently some villagers have discovered this interesting use for red beets. 

Sue Waechter Skyped in about 4 pm our time - Generous and Guma were glad to meet Margie Phillips and Janis Van Hala who were at Sue’s. We agreed to Skype with Sue on Saturday with the staff as we all work together on a grant request.

Ellie Schroeder