September 15, 16 (Sent by Karen Viele)

Yesterday Diana and I visited with our Murole children.  They are well and  seem happy. I took many pictures. We also had a nice visit with Norman, our Murole Prep School Director 

Dave spent the day working on finances. He is trying to get the fees owed the school figured out so that ne and Sam, working together, can set necessary standards on this complicated issue.

Roger visited Daniel’s land and saw the improvements made there.

This morning we go to a church service during which Rev Esau will be installed as Arch Deacon. It is a big day for him!


Later in the day:

We had a fabulous day here. Our ACT Board Chair, Rev Esau, was promoted to Arch Deacon. You would not believe the fabulous event! We estimated 2000 people attended the event (minimum) and all were fed! The worship service continued for four hours. At least one hour was all about Rev Esau. We have pictures and even videos to share. 

Lydia Kyomugisha, our former board chair came to the event and we so enjoyed seeing her again. Lydia is doing a mission in Kabale for pregnant girls that I got VERY excited about and we are going to investigate partnering. Diana plans to teach Lydia how to make Days for Girls pads and double the mission!

The team sat around and talked most of the evening. Sue FaceTimed in and we caught her up with our activities. 

Ellie Schroeder