September 17 (Sent by Karen Viele)

We had a chance to sleep in until 8 am today. We met with the Bishop at 10 am — the meeting went very well and we left, as always, feeling like we are truly in a partnership here. The Bishop really cares about what we are doing together and gives us good advice. We talked about how to provide housing for our teachers at Muko HS and we have some ideas about some ways we may proceed. The Bishop also talked to us about setting some academic goals and measuring our success.  I reassured him that our director, Sue, keeps us strategically planning.

After the meeting we tried to get out to the Centre as soon as possible since everyone had things to do. 

Dave helped Generous prepare the information for the Blessed Sacrament grant and then traveled up to Muko HS to collect information for the presentation to the Midland Noon Rotary this Thursday. He also took photos of the dire conditions of staff housing so that we can look for a possible grant. He also worked with Grace, briefly reviewing the intake of school fees as students were arriving for the first day today. 

Diana worked with two of our best sewers, Penlope and Phoebe, who were thrilled with making scrappy placemats. Diana videotaped a celebration of their achievement with a vocal rendition of a Russian Cossack dance which we all enjoyed. Generous liked the placemats so much she wants to buy them when a set of four are completed. 

Karen spent the afternoon with Howard inventorying the fifteen instruments just received. We also inventoried the vests sewn for the musicians to see what has been sustainable.  

We have been engaging Roger in some engineering projects like devising a way to hang the MUSIC vests and also hang some curtains that seem to have disappeared since Diana donated them! He was unable to do some of his other planned activities because our Peace Corps Volunteer was still quite sick with food poisoning. I am happy to report that tonight he was able to eat some food for the first time in two days and we were able to fortify him with some M&Ms!

Ellie Schroeder