September 18 (Sent by Karen Viele)

Today three Boards met together! The ACT Uganda Board, the school board (board of governors), and three members of the ACT Michigan Board. The meeting, all about the school, went well and we took notes. It was good to meet up with dear Reverends, friends and acquaintances. 

We had “tea” in the morning with delicious egg sandwiches, bananas and tea, and a buffet type lunch after the meeting so everyone finally left after 3:30 pm. 

The team had hoped to walk down to Kabale to shop for some items we wanted for the last few days. However, just as the board members left a cold rain changed our plans. So we were forced to relax until about 5:00 when we finally made the trek down the big hill. Diana purchased some interesting items for her Trivia Night basket and we had a drink at the Barista. Power had been out nearly all day so they had nothing cold. However, we saw our sweet waiter with a plastic bag leave the store for the supermarket next door… we later figured out that he wrapped up some warm beers and traded them for some colder ones there! Initiative!

We are energizing ourselves for two more intense days and then one more final day wrapping everything up. We will soon be back in the USA!

Ellie Schroeder