(Sent by Karen Viele)

Dave spent most of his time today with Grace, our school treasurer. He is teaching her Quickbooks. This will allow our accounts to be reconciled between USA and Uganda and we will understand our high school finances. Dave then went to the office and audited three of our program accounts. 

Roger spent his day traveling around looking at land resources for school nutrition. The Diocese has land to sell to pay outstanding debt from the school (last year). Our driver, Christopher, went up and down the hill many times today, more than earning his salary. Roger talked with Moses about profit and loss and did a review of the hand tools. Moses, Will, and Roger walked to the Uganda Coffee Development Authority and counted 500,000 plants, close to being ready for distribution. 

Diana spent the morning packing one suitcase with baskets and mobiles for our return. She organized sewing notions as well. In the afternoon Diana helped Karen meet the Senior 1,2,and 3 children ( approximately grades 8-9-10). Diana was happy to greet her orphan, Precious, and also made a wonderful video with her. Our friend Lydia Komugisha arrived in the late afternoon to learn how to make Days for Girls packets so Diana went back to the Centre to train her and a few girls she brought along. 

Karen spent the morning working with Howard to inventory instruments and clean bow hair. We had encouraged Howard and his wife to take their baby boy ( two months) to the clinic for a checkup. Being new parents, they are nervous about his weight and health. So he left at noon to go up to the clinic. In addition to meeting the Senior kids, we made two additional videos with Agnes Akampurira- we are all excited about the videos we made today. I consulted with Maurice about two of our MukoHOPE children who are struggling with illness. We helped Josiah and Maurice give out school supplies to the children at Muko HS. Today they received 7 pens, 2 pencils, 4 composition books, 2 rolls of toilet paper, laundry soap, a pair of socks, shoe polish and a couple of other items. Wow! How well our sponsors and staff care for our children! 

Ellie Schroeder