September 20 (Sent by Karen Viele)

This morning Diana, Generous, Maurice, and Josiah joined me at Uganda Martyrs where we met with 29 children. This school seems extremely well disciplined. For example, we gave the children some papers to fill out and they did not begin writing until we invited them to begin. Since we weren’t aware of this necessity, they sat there for a few minutes while we scratched our heads trying to figure out why they weren’t writing! The Reverend Sisters made us breakfast and lunch, very extensive and good. Father John came to be with us and we always love his company. This school is in desperate need of water tanks. The children all ( nearly 500 of them)all take a pail to the creek to draw water for washing and bathing twice a day. To see this is unbelievable! We had the opportunity at all of our three schools to see the children receive their school supplies. I think every sponsor would be happy to see all that they receive.

After our visit at Uganda Martyrs we returned to the Centre for a meeting including Diana, Maurice, Generous, and Josiah regarding the gift buying program. I have some notes to share with Muko HOPE that I think will be helpful to everyone. We talked about our children acting entitled and we learned that the more they must struggle, the more responsible they become. A good lesson for us, I think. Norman, the director for our other primary, Murole, came by as  we had asked for him to be involved in the review of the deaths of two of our orphans this summer.  We had a good conversation about the circumstances of their illnesses and deaths that I will share with the team when we return. 

Following these meetings, I met the MUSIC students at MukoHS for a 5 pm class. This was actually only the second time I was able to be with them. We had a good rehearsal. I am very pleased with all that they are doing and also try to add important information each visit, critical to their growth. I have found the bows in very serious need of cleaning. We also expect to bring about seven back to the USA for minor repairs that cannot be accomplished here. Diana accompanied me to the class so she could watch her orphan play violin. Afterwards, we met up with Dave who had spent the entire day working with Grace on the books. He was so happy to report that they reconciled July. The next goal is reconciling to the bank and moving ahead to the next months. 

Roger, Will, and Moses went to the MTRC (or is it MRTC?) a mushroom facility. I know they had a good day but am not sure about all that happened.

I am engaging Roger in a project to reorganize the safe room at the Centre so we can design a small area to hang our MUSIC vests. So they all returned to the Centre to look at some various projects to finish. 

We are double checking our lists to be sure we have done everything or at least put it on the schedule for the next two days before we leave. 

Ellie Schroeder