September 21 (Sent by Karen Viele)

We spent another long day in Muko. 

Diana helped so much by helping to pack and inventory suitcases with handcrafts and clearing up a few last minute MukoHOPE issues like our letter writing log and revising the gift buying catalog. We will bring this to the next MukoHOPE meeting. 

Roger found some scrap pieces of wood and constructed a place in the safe room for hanging music vests. It will be so helpful to Howard for keeping them organized. It is really quite inventive and I am really grateful! Roger also spent time with Moses and Will and the HANDS program. 

Dave spent the whole day at Muko HS. He is now within one hour of balancing the August accounts with Grace and feels very hopeful about the next few months. Grace has done many repetitive transactions within Quickbooks and Dave feels that the future is bright! The school even finished August in the Black by using the government funds received. Now the challenge is finishing the year the same way! 

Rev Esau ( Chair of the Board of Governors or school board) came to the school to lead a meeting with Sam, Generous, Guma, Dave and Archdeacon David. The meeting went very well and everyone came out in good spirits and much hope for the future. 

Dave and I spoke to the student body in an assembly today. We talked about the future, about tightening up discipline, about vandalism, and emphasizing education in the next year. We recognized the National Math Contest scholars, the Prefects, the Honors Council members, and the Music students. After the meeting, Sam and Godfrey ( our Head teacher and Deputy) called in seven boys one by one who were the most difficult discipline problems at the school and we talked to each one giving them one more chance to remain at the school. We are all praying that they will “wake up” and choose good paths. If not, and there is another incident, we have agreed with Sam and Godfrey to dismiss them. 

Sam also disciplined three girls who refused to cut their hair. The student code of conduct requires short, literally shaved heads so we supported his policy, even though we were wishing they would give them that choice. Rev Esau shared with us that this had happened with one of his daughters as well. Rev Esau has ten children with three sets of twins so he understands these things!

I had a rehearsal from 5-6:30 with the MUSIC students. Today they learned about the role of the concert master and it occurred to me that their audiences might not know the protocol! Still, we selected a concertmaster and they sight read two new pieces. 

The team is ready  to wrap everything up and pack up tomorrow night.

Ellie Schroeder