Another Mission Team Heading Out!

Dear Friends of ACT – We have another mission team heading to Muko Sub-County on September 9, returning on September 24.  As always, your prayers are welcomed and encouraged – for a safe and productive trip.  The team is small (four people) but the mission is BIG! 

All four individuals have been to the villages before and they are looking forward to again working with our ACT Uganda brothers and sisters in Muko.  While all four will be involved at some level in all activities during the trip, they will each be specifically working on the following items:

Karen Viele – Karen is the Leader of the MukoHOPE Team (orphan program), the MUSIC Team (youth orchestra) and is also on the TEACH team (administration of Muko High School).  During this trip, Karen will focus on MUSIC classes, fact-finding for the TEACH team as they plan to prepare training during a trip next February, and also be meeting with all 140 MukoHOPE Orphans.

Dave Viele – Dave is our finance guy as well as leader of the TEACH team.  Dave’s focus will be working with the accounting team at Muko High School to clarify bookkeeping procedures, and fact-finding for the TEACH team in preparation for the upcoming February mission trip.

Diana Stubig – Diana is on our MEP team (handcrafts) and leads the sewing program on both sides of the ocean.  Diana’s focus will be sewing training for the women in Muko who create the beautiful sewn items that we sell here in the U.S.

Roger Moll – Roger is on our HANDS team (agriculture).  Roger will be working in the field with the HANDS team in Muko and meeting with our Peace Corps volunteer, Will Buckner.  Will came to our villages last month and his focus for the next two years will be agriculture in the villages of Muko Sub-County.  He is 25 years old and from Austin, Texas.  ACT is extremely excited about this new adventure and will be sharing his experience with you over the next two years.  Below is a photo of Will (on the left) with Alexander Gumoshabe, ACT Manager (in the middle) and Moses Tukamushaba, our HANDS agricultural leader (on the right).  They are standing in front of the ACT Empowerment Center in Muko.

William, Guma and Moses at AEC.jpg

Members of the Mission Team will be at our upcoming ACTion for Education Trivia Night* and will be sharing information about this trip during that evening. 

Many thanks for your prayers, interest and support of the important ministry of ACT Uganda!

Ellie Schroeder