Monday, February 18

Day 5 and still rockin’. This was the fifth day of the Training team being here from Kampala. In the morning we had another church service with lots of music and dancing and speeches. It started at 9:15 am and went until 1:30 pm. Afterward, there were lots of photo opportunities outside and much gaiety and shaking hands. The Ugandans are so cordial and appreciative. During the service they raised still more money for the high school roof. ACT MI was presented with a glass sculpture thanking us for all we have contributed to the success of Muko High School. 

We walked down the hill to the school to have lunch. Following lunch was the soccer match (football) between the students and teachers of Muko High School and the Old Boys (Alumni) of Muko High School. Lori attended the match with Osbert and about 50 kids glued to her side, while the rest of our team stayed at the high school to prepare for the first day of Basic Mental Health training and training for the teachers for discovering what they need to improve their learning environments. 

We had a brief ceremony after lunch by the five new flag poles at the high school. They raised the flags and when they got to the American flag, they asked us to sing the national anthem. The other flags are: the East Africa, Uganda, Muko High School and I cannot at the moment remember the last one besides ours. It is 10:00 pm and time to turn in! Our bedtimes seem to get earlier and earlier per usual! Such gracious, loving and joyful people to be amidst!

Turabakunda mwene! (we love you all!)

Glass Sculpture Presentation

Glass Sculpture Presentation

Ellie Schroeder