Sunday, February 17

We started the day without a full compliment on our team. In fact, Eileen and Sue were the only ones to travel to Muko for the events today. Dave, Linda and Lori were down for the count from some intestinal stuff. Not unusual but not advisable to go into the village and not have a restroom close by. Will on the other hand ran a fever and more serious ills. He actually went to the hospital nearby and they gave him some medication diagnosing bacterial infection - fortunately not malaria. 

Sue and Eileen went into the first church service which was geared to the students at Muko High School. Rev Gerald, who had done the Parenting Training, delivered the sermon in which he talked about making decisions to fulfill their hopes. 

Eileen left after this service to attend the church service up at Uganda Martyr’s Catholic Church with Fr. John. She toured their clinic, had lunch with Fr. John, then returned in time for the third service of the day in Muko.

While Eileen was gone, Sue was the only Muzungu who attended the second service outside under the tents. The was Rev Gerald again delivering the sermon. There were about 400 attendees and it went until around 2:45. We then had lunch. 

Eileen and Sue attend the third service again under the tent. Rev Gerald provided his third sermon of the day. There was dancing and singing from three choirs and lots of short speeches. When we finished about 5:30 pm, Sue and Eileen went with Christopher by the ACT Empowerment Center to pick up some printing before heading back to the hotel arriving shortly after 7:00 pm.

Please continue to pray for Josiah and Pamella, our orphan recently diagnosed with a brain tumor, who are heading by bus overnight to Kampala so that she can be seen by the neurologist at Milagro Hospital. We hope to have more information on her condition in a few days. 

Ellie Schroeder