Thursday, February 21

We started the day with an ACT staff meeting where we answered the question: What Difference Does ACT Make in Muko? The information shared with us by the Muko staff was very enlightening! Some of it we did not know. We, together, have accomplished a great deal. 

Secondly, we talked about the concept of NGOs, For Profit Businesses and a hybrid called, Social Businesses. We talked about how ACT MI might not be there as a partner forever and how could ACT be sustainable? We reviewed the visioning work that the ACT MI board had done last July at our board retreat. The ACT staff had some very creative ideas to add to the visioning. We are anxious to share this with the ACT MI board in March.

Following this, we had a meeting/presentation by Eileen on Substance Use Disorders. Attending were some of the ACT staff and the ACT Health Promotion Workers from our HEAL Program. Eileen focused mostly on alcohol and not drugs as this seems to be the most prominent issue in the Muko area. It was a wonderful presentation and very enlightening for those attending. It is our hope that these Heath Promotion Workers will go out to do dialogues in the various villages and share some of this information about the dangers of alcohol. We discovered an existing AA group that meets in Kabale Town on Thursday evenings. Eileen visited the leader of this meeting tonight and they talked about some outreach they might be able to do for us in Muko. This would be very helpful. Alcohol abuse is a very big problem and touches many families in Muko as well as the community at large. 

Dave met with several students who have been having disciplinary problems at the high school today. Last September, he and Karen had done the same thing and the kids they talked with had really straightened out. Hopefully, the students he met with today will follow suit. 

Linda went to the high school to meet with the two teachers for Biology and Religious studies who are participating in a pilot program to use text books that we purchased in Kampala. 

Dave continued to train Pressy, our new bursar, in Quick Books. She is doing well so far. 

Lori worked on range of motion with Osbert and continues to learn more about his condition - Klippel-Fiel Syndrome. He is such a sweet young man and so joyful ALL THE TIME!

Sue, Generous and Dave met with Rev. Esau who is the Board Chair of the ACT Board as well as the Board Chair of the Board of Governors for Muko High School. He is an amazing man and great leader. We are still dealing with some tough issues in our first year of managing the school. He is a great support as well as the Bishop.

Our team, Will, and Christopher our driver, fellow-shipped at the Overland Resort on the shore of Lake Bunyonyi. We had a pretty good dinner and lots of laughter. 

Sue, Will and ACT Staff after visioning session

Sue, Will and ACT Staff after visioning session

Dinner at Overland Resort on the shore of Lake Bunyonyi

Dinner at Overland Resort on the shore of Lake Bunyonyi

Ellie Schroeder