ACT Orchestra Soars!

Karen and Dave overslept! Our 6:15 am alarm did not go off and we woke up at 7:45 for an 8 am departure. Whew!
Dave continued to work with Muko HS finances. He went to the school but did not find all the employees there.
Karen and Sharalyn finished up work with Howard and the musicians. Everyone is sounding good and enthusiasm is sky high. Howard and Guma helped with paying vendors like meal preparation, venue, security, decorations, and advertising for the concerts. A special announcement was written and printed and Tito traveled around the county distributing them. Generous made phone calls and other outreach to publicize the concert, searching for donations, and made connections with some people regarding national performances for our orchestra.
Generous also paid school fees for Muko HS orphans and for the Empowerment Scholars.
A story you might enjoy: while I was teaching I kept hearing an unrythmic pounding. At first I thought it might be the students making the noise but then I guessed it came from outside. Upon further exploration, I discovered a man chopping wood for the kitchen cooks. I am attaching a picture for you to see if the man chopping wood with his machete!
Missing you all amidst a downpour tonight! Stay well! Love Karen

Man Chopping Wood with Machete.jpg
Karen at Breakfast with Kids.jpg
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