Successful Meeting!

We are having trouble with internet tonight so we are hoping you receive today’s blog.

Dave participated in important meetings today and is encouraged. He has been feeling sick with the cold I had before we left but is able to function.

Karen and Sharalyn continued with Howard and concert preparations. We continue to appreciate all the work our staff does daily. Our ACTsecurity guard, Herbert, not only guards the ACT Empowerment Centre seven nights a week, he plays violin during the day.
Plus, he is very good! The students look and sound great and we are excited about the upcoming events. Howard hung some red curtains on twine at the Uganda Martyrs dining hall to mark off a stage. Students have learned so much at music camp this term- Karen is feeling as though many topics have been covered. The orchestra seems to evolving from an ACT orphan orchestra to a community group with people who are very interested in music and practice.

Sharalyn is impressed with the orchestra members’ musicality and intense motivation. Karen and Sharalyn performed for the students today and talked about everything from the Beatles to Michael Jackson to Handel and Mozart.

Stay tuned for more news as we are able!

Pamella Playing Violin.jpg
Performance Curtains.jpg
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