Old Boys & Old Girls...

What a day!
We started out at 7:30 am walking through a foggy mist to the Church of Uganda Cathedral in Kabale. We laughed on the way about how we used to tell our kids we walked to school two miles uphill both ways! Well, that is what we did! Two miles over and two miles back with long uphill climbs each way. Ok, there was some downhill as well but it didn’t feel like it. We were trying to give Christopher, our driver, some time off. It was a very enjoyable walk, all in all. The reason we went to the early service is that we wanted to attend the English speaking version. It was a great experience with a wonderful sermon about Gods mercy.
When we arrived back at the hotel we ordered a light lunch and rested for an hour while it was being prepared. After lunch we had two fun games of Farkel. Generous, Will, Dave, Sharalyn and Karen all played. Generous lost the first game and Karen won. The second game Generous won and Karen lost! The others were along for the ride!
At around 4 pm the OB/OG association met us. OB/OG stands for Old Boy, Old Girl- we would call it the alumni association- for MukoHS. These people are interested in the success of their Alma mater. We met for 2 1/2 hours and received excellent advice from them. They presented us with a certificate of recognition as an association, registered in Uganda. They also wrote a report on their concerns for the high school which we really appreciated.
Christopher came up to the hotel about 7 pm and we all went downtown to a new restaurant that Will discovered. He was delighted to meet up with some fellow Peace Corps volunteer friends. Robert, our MC from the concert joined us as well so we could talk more about a possible performance in Kampala. Robert would like for us to play at the National Theater as early as November but I suggested we wait awhile until we can fully prepare and I can return to Uganda to assist Howard.
We are anxious to start the week. We are looking forward to the work we anticipate at Muko HS and also with our staff at the office.
For those of you who have traveled with us in the past, you may remember that we like to score ourselves every evening on our accomplishments with our itinerary. Well, this year we have been flying by the seat of our pants- We have hardly even considered the agenda. We even lost our copy of the itinerary. Haha. So no bonus points for us. However, we have been working intensely.
Missing you all! Take care!

sue waechter