Successful Concerts in Muko & Kabale!

Kabale concert day! What a day! Wait till you all hear all that happened! In the morning, Generous and I went down to the venue and decided it would not work. It was a sort of hallway. However, adjacent to that room was a garden with a stage so we negotiated for that venue and were able to be there for a slightly higher fee. To all who have donated to music-THANK YOU SO MUCH. You have provided the most amazing experience for thirty musicians. We need the funds for these camps we offer three times a year. It costs about $1000 a year to do the camps and last year we had to drop one for lack of funds.
So, we had the new venue- we moved in and rehearsed. The musicians had arrived in a Church of Uganda bus! The day was hot and sunny but we were under an outdoor pavilion that made it shady. Howard took the students out about 1:30pm for their meal while some of us guarded the instruments. 3 pm rolled around ( the time of the concert) and no one was there! No audience, no students. No worries, a few minutes later people arrived including our musicians. The concert began about 3:45 pm
Generous invited Robert, a former Muko resident who is now a national speaker and one who works with national festivals and performances. He acted as our Master of Ceremonies. About an hour into the program the skies began to cloud up and a cool breeze blew through, a welcome relief to our audience members who were sitting in the sun.
Everything went well, the students played beautifully and our orchestra was launched! We finished performing around 5 pm( right at the prescribed time) but then speeches began and lasted for 45 more minutes. Near the end of this time the heavens opened and a huge, torrential downpour drenched everyone as the audience ran with their chairs for the stage. Luckily, the stage was covered and large enough for both performers and audience. Speeches were concluded and Howard and the orchestra members played some dance music, spontaneously, and we danced while the rain continued to pour down. After about fifteen minutes the students played “God Be With You Till We Meet Again” and the concert was over.
Our MC, Robert, told the orchestra, Generous, and me that he wants us to come to Kampala to perform at the Embassys and other national events. Everyone was thrilled!
I am telling you all, this event bonded our Muko community. The students learned so much during the week and had an experience I believe they will remember all of their lives. Our orchestra has moved to a new place of achievement and the students learned what all the practices are for. A videographer recorded everything and I hope to share them with all who are interested.
We were all very involved with the concert today but Dave also had to make a trip out to Muko in the morning to buy some food for MukoHS as their term begins on Monday and these arrangements had to be made.
I again want to thank everyone for their generosity regarding the MUSIC program in Muko and I wish you could have been there with us today!

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