more high school finances, interviews for a new counselor and Will's project

Dear All:
I keep thinking it is Thursday, but it is really Wednesday!
Sharalyn and Karen started out at the AEC office first thing in the morning while Dave traveled immediately up to MHS. He spent the day working on finances. He discovered the teachers had not been paid their housing and other allowances since April. ( if we cannot provide housing for a teacher, we pay up to a certain amount for them to rent a room) Prudance, our Bursar, and Eric, our Head Teacher had gone into town to do some banking and it took all day so Dave was unable to continue training.
Karen and Sharalyn worked all morning and into the afternoon with Generous, Judith, Josiah, and Guma interviewing a new counselor for MukoHOPE. We selected someone we are excited about and will announce her name once everyone has been notified. We are hoping she can join us for tomorrow’s meeting with the MukoHOPE Staff on Life Pathways and sponsorship planning.
After the counselor interviews we went up to MHS where we were able to observe some teachers- Music, Literature,and Science taught by Shifra(Music), Nancy (Literature) and Matthias( Science) The lessons were interesting and well taught.
Sharalyn was able to attend a Rotary meeting at the White Horse Inn. Dave and Karen walked her over and came back to the Jopfan for dinner on the porch with Will. Will has been spending this week with us at the Jopfan, giving him a refreshing break in surroundings and USA. talk. He shared an exciting idea for HANDS with us this evening regarding some training classes that we think the USA team will be excited about.
We watched the bats fly out of the neighboring trees for the evening and then Will showed us some pictures of the largest bats in the world. Google it! Unbelievable! Luckily, they live in South America and I will be just as happy if they stay there! Haha
More tomorrow! Sending love to you all!

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