Last day here!

Our last day!
We started out early and went strong all day. Since our team was small we don’t have much luggage to bring crafts home. I am hoping our MEP program will find sufficient supplies. Will, Sharalyn and Karen worked to get everything packed and the inventory lists filled out for customs.
Dave worked at the high school all day. We feel great confidence in our new high school staff and are looking forward to marvelous things.
Now let me also say that our staff is wonderful and committed. They will do anything to assist each other and us. How lucky we are to have this fabulous staff. Prudance, for example, is working at our Centre and also at Muko HS holding down both jobs, uncomplaining. Today she came in early to help prepare the packing and then was helping us so much- finally , I said “ Prudance you had better get up to the high school or Dave will divorce me for holding you here!”
I had a long violin lesson with Howard. We had a chance to talk and debrief the concerts, even planning ahead. I felt very good about his playing and helping him with things we cannot accomplish on a Skype.
Sharalyn and Will wanted a little adventure today so they rented a boat with a tour guide and motored across Lake Bunyonyi and had lunch at a fabulous resort called the Birds Nest. On our next visit we are going to have to go there
Karen showed “The Black Panther” to the students at MHS. They loved it.
It has been very hard to hear some of the stories of the people and children here. We need to continually count our blessings if we are able to enjoy meals of our choice, park a car in our garage, go to a doctor when we are sick and drinking and bathing in clean water.
We are all excited about returning home. Our travel begins at 1 am Sunday morning, your time, and ends when we land in Detroit about 1 pm on Monday. See you very soon. Sending love to you all!

sue waechter