Arrived safely...

Writing from the van-
The team arrived at the Apricot Hotel at 1 am. All flights went very well - just long! Detroit to Amsterdam was approximately 8 hours, Amsterdam to Entebbe was approximately 10 hours which included a 1 1/2 hour stop in Rwanda.
It is always a happy moment to meet Generous, our Director, and Christopher, our Driver. Their evening was also a rather long wait for us to arrive. It takes about an hour to drive from the airport in Entebbe to our hotel in Kampala,the capital city of Uganda.
After hot showers and breakfast with some Australian travelers, we left the hotel for Kabale about 9:15 am, had a pleasant stop at the equator and a lovely, tasty Ugandan buffet lunch in Masaka.
Over lunch we were able to chat with Generous and Christopher about a new idea to possibly bring some orphan sponsors or other interested people on vacation to Uganda to see some sights, visit our ACT Empowerment Centre, and meet the children. Generous and Christopher seemed excited about the idea and were enthusiastic about the possibilities.
Some snoozing in the van helped us all to prepare for the busy week ahead. We are grateful to be here, safe and sound! Sending our best to our friends and family!

Sharalyn and Generous Equator.jpg
Kampala - Apricot Hotel lounge.jpeg
Sharalyn looks while Christopher loads the van below.jpeg
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