Muko High School, MUSIC and messy Latrines!

Monday morning! We drove into Muko not knowing exactly how our first day would go!

Dave went immediately to MukoHS and did a review of the entire facility. He found it very clean and orderly. Cabbage seedlings were planted in two places and the garden club, which has 65 of our students involved, was given an area to plant new vegetables to help vary their diet. The garden club is also looking into planting fruit trees in the main compound to produce shade and fruit. They are considering mango, orange and avocado.

Dave is working with staff to plan third term which will begin 9/16 while we are still here. Good news! We are expecting three new S5 students.

Karen and Sharalyn worked hard alongside Howard, our teacher, all day with the musicians for the concerts this weekend. We found the students attentive, well-prepared and enthusiastic about the upcoming concerts. Our first concerts ever! Howard has done an excellent job with the students. We are planning to bring home video of our concert in Kabale on 9/14. We did a cool mini recital today featuring Howard as violin soloist on a piece from the Classical period, Karen playing “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong on violin, and Sharalyn performing the Monti Czardas on clarinet.

Dave, Guma, and Will found a location and discussed a design for a Peace Corps house on the back of our property behind the ACT Empowerment Centre. This will allow a Peace Corps worker to live closer to the workplace and yet still provide much needed security and privacy.

Sharalyn and Karen were too busy to take photos today and Dave said his only pictures were of the latrines at MHS and we didn’t think that would be good subject matter. Ha! We’ll try to provide some pics tomorrow.

Sending our love to our friends and family at home!

sue waechter