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 Together we can make a difference.

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Welcome to Agape Community Transformation (ACT)

aga·pe (a gah pay) is a Greek word referring to love, "the highest form of love" and "the love of God for humankind and of humankind for God."

ACT is an ecumenical Christian partnership of two organizations, one based in Uganda and the other in the USA, that are open to working with all people to enhance the spiritual, physical, economic and societal conditions in Uganda, as well as increase faith-in-action in our communities.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder:

English: Working shoulder-to-shoulder supporting self-development of communities in Muko Sub-County, Uganda.

Rukiga: Kukora Ibega ha Ibega turahweera okwetungura kwabantu b'omukyaro ky'eigomborora rya Muko omuri Uganda.

more about what we do…

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Uganda is in East Africa and part of Sub-Saharan Africa. ACT serves rural Muko Sub County with approximately 40,000+ community members living in 74 distinct villages. The Sub County is in the very southwest corner of the country near a town called Kabale on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi. Muko is about 6,000 ft elevation with temperatures consistently between 55 degrees F and 80 degrees F year round.

Most of the people of this area are part of the Bakiga (ba chee ga) tribe. English is the official language of the country but many still speak Rukiga (roo chee ga). The average family size is 6 children. Most are subsistence farmers.

This region, considered to be the food basket for Uganda, has unacceptable nutrition statistics compared to the rest of the country in addition to high fertility levels, poor hygiene and sanitation practices. Learn more about ACT Programs


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Leadership expertise I have gained from ACT takes me to the level of a consultant. Some people tell me how they are inspired with ACT activities and if I can help them know how they can also help their villages. They are interested to know more about ACT and how they can start some projects to benefit their people like we do.
— - Generous Turinawe, Director, ACT Uganda

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Working with ACT is very close to my heart. I am truly in awe of all the wonderful folks involved and all that has been accomplished in these past 10+ years. We are always trying to do better, as we understand and learn more, working in partnership with the ACT-Uganda folks, and with God’s help, we will all make a difference for the folks in Muko SubCounty—transforming both their lives and ours.
— - Dr. Lynn Pottenger, ACT Michigan Board Chair
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